Quality and Environmental Security

Environmental Safety Policy
Quality Policy

Environmental Safety Policy

UBright’s main business is the manufacture and sale of optical films for electronic displays. We conduct our business with attention to environmental protection and industrial safety implementation to ensure a sustainable operation. Our goal is tocreate a win-win situation between our environment, society and employees..

Through ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, the company will comply with the all applicable laws, regulations and requirements, and actively managemet and improve. We are committed to the following principles:

Comply with the regulations

Obey related applicable laws and other related demands

Reduce overall waste

Prevention of pollution, hazard reduction and use sustainable resources

Prevent injury and illness

Reach zero pollution, zero accident, zero calamity

Continuous improvement

Regular audit and examination to assure policies are implemented to continuously improve and innovate

Quality/Green Product Policy

Satisfy customer demands

Create GP management system

Continuous quality Improvement

Implement green management

Create a niche product

Zero product and environmental pollution

Quality management systems ISO 9001
Environmental management systems ISO 14001
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001

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